The most common types of personal injury claims include but are not limited to automobile accidents/collisions, work accidents, tripping accidents, assault claims and product defect accidents. The term personal injury also incorporates medical and dental accidents, occupational stress, and repetitive strain injury cases. Personal injury cases may also include toxic torts, in which a contaminant transmitted by air or water causes illness, injury, or death. Even mental and emotional pain and suffering may be attributed to general damages, that if proven in court, may entitle you to monetary means of compensation.

The ruling in a personal injury case can be crucial. These rulings can easily affect the future of a Plaintiff or the reputation of a Defendant. In these cases, the Plaintiff, or injured party, is the one to file the suit on another person, or a business, corporation or agency. A process which can be frustrating, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Adding to this anxiety is the fact that many Plaintiffs are left with the medical, emotional, and financial implications of these cases.

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